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18 Apr2024 Laur Konsumenta - Lider XX lecia - 2004 - 2024
Artur 0 737
Niezmiernie miło nam poinformować, że marka Kidde została nagrodzona Złotym Godłem w programie Laur Klienta/Konsumenta najbardziej elitarnym tytułem „Laur Konsumenta - Lider XX lecia - 2004 - 2024”. W..
21 Mar2024 Aisko is a trustworthy company
Dorota 0 1289
We are very proud to announce that our company - Aisko Spółka Jawna, has been awarded the Trustworthy Company certificate. For us, it is even more valuable because we have been appreciated for another..
13 Mar2024 Jedziesz po pijaku? Możesz stracić samochód!
Artur 0 1214
From March 14, regulations on penalties for drunk drivers come into force. It's about confiscating the vehicle. Which drivers will lose their cars? The car will be confiscated from any driver, if he..
02 Mar2024 Konsumencki Lider Jakości 2024
Dorota 0 1620
Kidde is a trustworthy leader We are extremely proud that we can once again boast a prestigious title! The Kidde brand took first place in the category: "Premium carbon monoxide and smoke detectors" ..
03 Feb2024 Warsaw - Torwar - event „It's on fire, be vigilant
Dorota 0 1771
Thank you to everyone who was with us last Saturday at Warsaw's Torwar! And what was happening? Once again, we took part in the "Burn, be alert" event. The highlight of the evening was a rousing conce..
07 Oct2023 Lodz Manufaktura - Carbon Monoxide and Fire. Awake vigilance
Muppet 0 2942
It was happening! There was a lot of fire and no shortage of water. On October 7, another installment of the educational and informational campaign "Chad and Fire. Awaken Vigilance". Everything under ..
06 Oct2023 Kidde presents new logo
Artur 0 2993
Kidde presents new visuals - a refreshed, modern logoThe world's biggest brands, following trends, change their visual identity from time to time. Now it is time for Kidde! We are convinced that you..
17 Jul2023 Trustworthy Company 2023
Darek 0 3860
We are particularly pleased to announce that our company - Aisko Spółka Jawna, has been awarded the Trustworthy Company certificate. This title is awarded to companies that have an impeccable reputati..
05 Jun2023 The Good Brand Quality for BACscan
Artur 0 3512
We are pleased to inform, that the BACscan® brand has once again won the title of Good Brand - Quality, Trust, Reputation! in the Breathalyzers category. This distinction is awarded to the most develo..
12 May2023 The National Chimney Sweeps Day is behind us!
Darek 0 3595
National Chimney Sweep Festival is behind us! This year the festival came to Bydgoszcz, and we can confidently admit that the organization of the event was at the highest level! The Black Brothers' Da..
02 Mar2023 Konsumencki Lider Jakości 2023
Darek 0 4058
Consumers trust the Kidde brand We are pleased to announce that in the 12th edition of the prestigious Consumer Quality Leader, Marek Kidde was once again honored with 1st place in the category: "Prem..
27 Jan2023 Golden Consumer Laurel 2023 for Kidde
Darek 1 4238
We are very pleased to inform you that the Kidde brand was awarded the Golden Emblem in the nationwide competition "Consumer's Laurel 2023", in the category "Quality and warranty - alarm sensors". It ..
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