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    Smoke & heat alarm Honeywell XS100T with app

Heat alarm Honeywell XH100 with app

Heat alarm Honeywell XH100 with app
Heat alarm Honeywell XH100 with app
Heat alarm Honeywell XH100 with app
Heat alarm Honeywell XH100 with app
Heat alarm Honeywell XH100 with app
Heat alarm Honeywell XH100 with app
Heat alarm Honeywell XH100 with app
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  • Model: HON-XH100
  • Weight: 185g
  • Dimensions: 42mm x 42mm x 116mm

XH100 is a heat detector that uses an intelligent algorithm to assess potential threats and react quickly. It has a built-in lithium battery that does not require replacement during the entire 10-year operation period.

It is characterized by small dimensions, modern design and a designer and functional LED backlight. It has a special button for e.g. to lower the volume during functional tests or to disable an alarm triggered by mistake, e.g. during cooking or frying

Extremely accurate heat sensor, loud sound signaling with intensity above 85dB (at a distance of 3 m) and clearly visible optical signaling allow the user to take appropriate preventive measures well in advance.

Detector is powered by a built-in 3V long-life lithium battery. Power supply is activated when the device is placed in the mounting bracket. Device has a blockade that prevents disassembly by unauthorized persons or children.

Dedicated Alarm Scan app allows users to download detector data to their mobile device, allowing on-site event analysis and easy reporting. Application is available for devices with iOS and Android. Cooperation with the application is an additional function and is not required for the operation of the device.

Detector has an output for the XW100 module (available separately) that allows you to connect several sensors together and create a wireless network.

XH100 is a high-quality device, which is confirmed by numerous certificates and approvals for use, such as BSI Kite (BS5446-2: 2003), CE mark. The sensor is also RoHS, REACH and EMC compliant.

Recommended mounting locations: all detectors of the X series have been designed using high-quality elements and are used to detect threats in objects such as flats, apartments, single-family houses, but also in utility rooms, such as garages, boiler rooms.


  • High sensitivity sensor
  • Optical and acoustic alarm signaling
  • Test / Reset button for checking and operating the device
  • Function that allows you to disable an accidentally triggered alarm
  • Intelligent algorithm for threat assessment and quick response
  • Built-in power supply with a service life of 10 years
  • Battery that does not require replacement during the lifetime of the sensor
  • Hermetic housing allows for operation in conditions of protection class IPX2D in high humidity
  • Compliance with the BS5446-2:2003 standard, confirmed by an independent, notified testing body, BSI
  • 10-year warranty
Product information
Sensor Heat sensor
Alarm signaling 0ptical - flashing LED
Acoustic - 85 dB siren at a distance of 3 m
Signaling the end of the service life Sound and light
Test/Reset Button To control and operate the device
Hush button To disable an alarm that has been triggered by mistake
Mounting Wall or ceiling
Housing Made of ABS plastic, white color
Protection class IPX2D
Additionally included Mounting pins
User manual
Sockets, connectors, ports Radio module (max distance <3 m) - for communication with Alarm Scan application
XW100 module socket - enables connection of detectors into a wireless network
Compatibility XW100 module
Connection type Omni-directional communication
Power source Built-in lithium battery 3V (doesn't require replacement during the entire service life)
Battery life 10 years from the moment of activation
Working and storage conditions
Working conditions Temperature: -10 ~ 55°C
Humidity: up to 95% RH (at 40°C), non-condensing
Storage conditions Temperature: 0 ~ 45°C
Humidity: up to 90% RH, non-condensing
Quality and safety
Certificates and approvals Compliance with the BS5446-2:2003 standard, confirmed by the independent, notified testing unit BSI
CE mark
Warranty 10 years

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