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Explosive gas detector MTG-3000H Explosive gas detector MTG-3000H
-22 %
Detector model MTG-3000H is designed to monitor rooms in terms of the presence of natural gas (LNG, methane), propane, butane (or their mixture).As one of the few, it has a certificate confirming compliance with the requirements of the Polish standard PN-EN50194-1: 2009 and PN-EN50194-2: 2006, issue..
108.42 zł 139.00 zł
Ex Tax:88.15 zł
Fire blanket FB150012/17 Fire blanket FB150012/17
-25 %
FB150012/17 fire blanket: 1.2m x 1.2m. Made of non-flammable fabric - high-quality glass fiber. Allows to easily extinguish fires that are in the initial stage and are spreading. It can also be used to protect against direct exposure to flames during evacuation and to extinguish burning clothing on ..
45.00 zł 60.00 zł
Ex Tax:36.59 zł
Fire extinguishing spray SAFE 750 Fire extinguishing spray SAFE 750
-20 %
SAFE 750 is a universal foam aerosol fire designed to extinguish fires class: A, B, F and electrical equipment under voltage up to 1000V.The spray is perfect for extinguishing fires in households (burning of fat in the kitchen, short-circuiting of electrical installations, fireplaces, barbecues, etc..
47.20 zł 59.00 zł
Ex Tax:38.37 zł
Gas test for CO detectors CODT400 Gas test for CO detectors CODT400
-30 %
Kit designed for testing carbon monoxide detectors and tobacco smoke detectors. It consists of a test gas can, capillary tube and a string bag.The kit enables a simple and quick check of the sensors' response to test gas. It does not cause corrosion of plastic elements, does not leave stains and doe..
27.30 zł 39.00 zł
Ex Tax:22.20 zł
Infrared thermometer 8818 Infrared thermometer 8818
-30 %
8818 is an advanced infrared thermometer enabling to perform non-contact, non-invasive, hygienic body temperature measurement. It also works well for measurements surface and liquid temperatures.It takes only 1 second, to perform an accurate measurement, thanks to that test can be done much easier a..
97.30 zł 139.00 zł
Ex Tax:79.11 zł
Smoke alarm Firesco SK-20 Smoke alarm Firesco SK-20
-15 %
SK-20 is an optical smoke detector powered by a built-in lithium battery (not replaceable during its entire lifetime). The power is activated when the detector is placed in the mounting bracket. Detector has a TEST / RESET button integrated into the housing. It can be used to check all functions of..
63.75 zł 75.00 zł
Ex Tax:51.83 zł
Automatic dispenser for disinfecting liquid Automatic dispenser for disinfecting liquid
-32 %
D1300AEUK is a non-contact, automatic liquid dispenser.Designed to meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene. Ideally suited to rooms where there is a high rotation of people, e.g. in public bathrooms, shopping malls, restaurants, gas stations.Proximity sensor allows for automatic dispensing ..
195.84 zł 288.00 zł
Ex Tax:159.22 zł
Carbon monoxide alarm Kidde 7CO Carbon monoxide alarm Kidde 7CO
-12 %
Carbon monoxide detector model 7CO equipped with a Kidde electrochemical sensor, guaranteeing a 10-year period of operation. Battery power supply allows the detector to be mounted in the most optimal place and provides protection also in the event of a power outage.It has a Test/Reset button that al..
99.44 zł 113.00 zł
Ex Tax:80.85 zł
Combustible gas leak detector AZ 7291 Combustible gas leak detector AZ 7291
-20 %
AZ 7291 meter is a very sensitive device designed for checking gas leaks, detecting and locating damage to gas installations and devices, checking the tightness of LPG cylinders, etc. Simple operation allows for quick and precise locating of leaks. A flexible 450 mm probe allows you to easily r..
478.40 zł 598.00 zł
Ex Tax:388.94 zł
Finger Pulse Oximeter YM201 Finger Pulse Oximeter YM201
-20 %
This finger clip pulse oximeter is used to measure arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate and PI% infusion index at the same time. The device also has a built-in heart rate display.The test is a transcutaneous determination of blood oxygen saturation. The measurement itself is made by putting..
79.20 zł 99.00 zł
Ex Tax:64.39 zł
Safe package - carbon monoxide, gas and smoke detector Safe package - carbon monoxide, gas and smoke detector
New -12 %
Safe package consisting of a carbon monoxide detector, smoke detector and an explosive gas detector. Secure your home comprehensively, now at a promotional price! Carbon monoxide detector Kidde 5DCO Equipped with a Kidde electrochemical sensor, guaranteeing a 7-year period of operation. Batter..
297.00 zł 337.00 zł
Ex Tax:241.46 zł
Breathalyzer BACscan F-30 Breathalyzer BACscan F-30
-20 %
Model F30 is a high-class electrochemical analyzer that guarantees precise and repeatable measurement results. The breathalyzer has a built-in air flow sensor - system that protects the measuring cell against damage as a result of improper testing. It also has a counter of measurements and ..
238.40 zł 298.00 zł
Ex Tax:193.82 zł
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