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Carbon monoxide alarm Prevent-C

Carbon monoxide alarm Prevent-C
Carbon monoxide alarm Prevent-C
Carbon monoxide alarm Prevent-C
Carbon monoxide alarm Prevent-C
Carbon monoxide alarm Prevent-C
Carbon monoxide alarm Prevent-C
Carbon monoxide alarm Prevent-C
Carbon monoxide alarm Prevent-C
Carbon monoxide alarm Prevent-C
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  • Model: PRI-PREV-C
  • EAN: 5943808010107
  • Weight: 300g
  • Dimensions: 115mm x 75mm x 43mm

PREVENT [C] is designed to monitor rooms for the presence of carbon monoxide.

It is produced in accordance with the Polish standard PN-EN50291-1: 2010 / A1: 2013-05. It has a certificate of compliance issued by an independent research unit - British Standards Institution (BSI), confirming compliance with the requirements of the above. standards, as evidenced by the Kitemark ™ mark placed on the device case.

PREVENT [C] continuously measures the concentration of carbon monoxide in the ambient air. If an increased concentration of carbon monoxide is detected, it activates a loud audible alarm (siren with a strength of 85dB) and an optical alarm, and the contact output is activated. The device has an auto-diagnostic system that monitors sensor and internal circuits. In the event of incorrect operation, the yellow LED lights up to indicate that a fault has been detected. Device is powered by 230V / 50Hz mains voltage via a 1.8 m cable. It can be installed in rooms where the temperature does not fall below -10°C and does not rise above 40°C (periodically -20 ~ 50°C) and the relative humidity does not exceed 90%.

Detector advantage is the ability to connect, via a contact output, additional devices, e.g. a fan, an external optical or acoustic signaling device, a gas shut-off valve, etc.

Kitchens, bedrooms, rooms with equipment that can be a source of carbon monoxide, e.g. gas boilers and stoves, gas stoves, oil and coal appliances , portable gas / oil room heaters, combustion devices (e.g., power generators), fireplaces, tiled stoves, coal-fired kitchens, etc.


  • New generation electrochemical sensor
  • Optical-acoustic signaling of carbon monoxide detection
  • Reliability and high sensor stability
  • Device performance control system
  • Test / Reset button for device control and operation
  • Additional LED diode indicating incorrect operation of the device
  • Simple assembly and operation
  • Contact output for connecting additional devices
  • Aesthetic and durable housing
  • 2-year warranty
  • Certificate of compliance with PN-EN50291-1: 2010 / A1: 2013-05 Kitemark™ issued by BSI
  • Sensor with durability up to 7 years
Product information
Sensor Electrochemical
Gases detected Carbon monoxide (CO)
Alarm signaling Optical - blinking red LED
Acoustic - siren with a sound intensity of approx. 85 dB / 1m
Signaling of incorrect operation Constant yellow LED
Sensor durability Up to 7 years*
* It is maximum sensor lifetime. It can be affected by many external factors such as storage method, mounting location, environmental conditions, etc.
Display No
Housing ABS, white color
Additionally included Mounting bracket
Mounting pins
User manual
Power source 230V AC (-15%; +10%) 50/60Hz
Power consumption 0.7W
1.8 m power cable, terminated with a European type C plug
Working and storage conditions
Working conditions Temperature: -10 ~ 40°C
Humidity: 20 ~ 90% RH RH, non-condensing
Storage conditions Temperature: -20 ~ 50°C
Humidity: 20 ~ 90% RH RH, non-condensing
Quality and safety
Certificates and approvals PN-EN50291-1:2010/A1:2013-05, issued by BSI
CE mark
Warranty 2 years

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