There is no place like home but home is the best," thought Olympic champion Zbigniew Bródka, who chose his hometown of Domaniewice as the venue for his first meeting to promote his biography.

This is where he was greeted most warmly not only when he returned with the World Cup or Olympic medals, but also when there were no successes. Zbyszek was always his own.

Last Saturday, Domaniewice once again rose to the occasion. A full house at the Community Cultural Centre, an excellent turnout, great organisation and great hospitality.

For all this, many thanks and tributes to the Domaniewice Borough Mayor, Mr Paweł Kwiatkowski, and the GOK Director, Ms Edyta Baleji.

The meeting with the hero of the book, Zbigniew Brodka, and the author of this publication, Dariusz Tuzimek, was chaired in a daring manner by a friend of the champion, Rafał Wróbel, former player of UKS "Błyskawica" Domaniewice.

Memories poured in, many anecdotes were told, there was even a shrug from the champion.

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