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About us


We are a family company, built on the basis of knowledge, reliability and customer-friendly approach. We have been operating on the market continuously since 1999. From the very beginning of our company's existence, we focus on high quality and comfort in using our products and services. The satisfaction of our business partners is very important to us, which is why we take care of the smallest details of our relations, focusing on open communication at every stage of cooperation. Our strong and established position in the industry of safety-related products is the best proof of your trust and a positive review of our work. The leading position on the market of sale of control and measurement devices is for us both appreciation of our activities and commitment for the future.


We have a wide range of electrochemical breathalyzers intended not only for companies and institutions, but also for individual users. Our devices are used by e.g. Border Guard, Military Police, Prison Service, police, hospitals, courts, transport companies, construction companies, property security agencies, etc.

Another important branch of our company is home fire protection. Due to the fact that these are products intended to protect the lives and property of users, we have decided to establish cooperation with Kidde - a world leader in this field. Currently, our company is the exclusive distributor of Kidde in Poland.


We are active in the field of safety education. We work with the Sobriety Foundation, Safe at Home, the Fire Kills Foundation, the State and Volunteer Fire Brigades, the National Chamber of Chimney Sweepers and local government units. We support various types of educational and social campaigns. Our activity in this field has been appreciated, as evidenced by numerous awards, awards, diplomas and recommendations, among others Consumer's Golden Laurel, Golden Reliability Certificates, Diamond Reliability Certificate, Laureate of Newsweek's "Family Firms" Ranking, Golden Emblem - Consumer Quality Leader, Good Brand Certificate, Business Gazelle title.