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We provide a wide and professional range of maintenance services.

The service employees are qualified in the field of repair and maintenance of measuring equipment, sensors, detectors and other devices in our offer and the calibration of breathalyzers purchased directly from our company or through our distribution network.

We also repair devices and calibrate sobriety testers purchased from other companies.

Our service has been equipped with the most modern diagnostic devices, computer hardware and software required for the repair of precision electronic instruments.

Systematically replenished warehouse of spare parts allows us to reduce the repair time to the necessary minimum.

Thanks to our extensive experience and professionally equipped laboratory, we provide first-class services.

A separate section of our service and laboratory is the section dealing with the repair and calibration of breathalyzers.

Our service and laboratory as the only company in Poland dealing in the sale of handheld breathalyzers, we have a specialized, professionally equipped laboratory aimed at servicing this type of devices.

All breathalyzers on offer are controlled and calibrated in our company's laboratory with devices of the renowned American company GUTH LABORATORIES, INC.

We work only with certified concentration standards.

The accuracy of the indications of each breathalyzer may decrease during the normal use process.

To ensure correct measurement of the tester, it should be calibrated from time to time.

The frequency of device calibration depends on: the type of breathalyzer and the sensor used in it, the intensity of its use, the number of tests, method of use, storage conditions, etc. Calibration is the process of "setting" the tester's internal software correctly, i.e. with the lowest possible error, read the value of the taken air sample.

It is performed using specialized equipment, the so-called BAC simulators, thanks to which it is possible to supply the device with an air sample of appropriately set parameters (flow force, temperature and constant alcohol concentration) similar to the parameters of the sample taken during the "normal" test.

In the calibration process, samples with a set, constant alcohol concentration are fed to a device operating in the so-called service mode. The effect of this action is the determination of the "correct response" of the measuring system to the concentration of the taken standard samples.

Thanks to regular calibration, you can be sure that the indications of the breathalyzer you are using are correct, regardless of when the device was purchased.

We invite you to check the indications of your breathalyzer for free!

We invite you to our service points! We will check your breathalyzer for free!

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