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Portable analyzers for measuring the ethanol (ethanol) content in the human exhaled air. They ensure precise, fast and repeatable measurement results. In the case of devices for which a calibration certificate has been issued by an accredited PCA laboratory, the results of measurements made with these devices may constitute evidence in court cases.

Alcovisor® Phoebus is a high-class industrial stationary breathalyzer that guarantees precise and repeatable measurement results.Tester is based on an efficient, modular electrochemical sensor and a specially designed funnel mouthpiece, thanks to which it is able to perform a large number of tests i..
9,225.00 zł
Ex Tax:7,500.00 zł
Alcovisor® Saturn is a technologically advanced exhaust analyzer with a TFT, color touchscreen. It allows you to measure with a mouthpiece or a funnel cap (without a mouthpiece).Thanks to the use of an electrochemical sensor from a renowned British manufacturer, it provides extremely precise measure..
2,750.00 zł
Ex Tax:2,235.77 zł
Alcovisor® Jupiter is one of the most technologically advanced exhaust analyzers with a large TFT touch screen and a built-in thermal printer. Thanks to the use of an electrochemical sensor that reacts only to alcohol molecules, it provides extremely precise and repeatable measurements.The results a..
4,650.00 zł
Ex Tax:3,780.49 zł
Alcovisor® Mark X+ is the best cost-effective product in the series of electrochemical breathalyzers, which enables measurements to be carried out using both a funnel cap (without a mouthpiece) and a mouthpiece. The set includes a WPT-2 thermal printer.The analyzer is designed especially f..
2,297.00 zł
Ex Tax:1,867.48 zł
Alcovisor® Mercury is one of the most technologically advanced electrochemical exhaust analyzers with a TFT touch screen. Thanks to the use of a platinum, electrochemical sensor, it provides extremely precise measurement results. The set includes a WPT-2B thermal printer with a built-in Bluetoo..
2,985.00 zł
Ex Tax:2,426.83 zł
BACscan A3 is a mouthless alcohol content analyzer operating in the so-called passive mode. The device uses a pneumatic system for feeding the measurement sample to the sensor and electrochemical technology, so there is no possibility of the measurement result being distorted by other fact..
1,089.00 zł
Ex Tax:885.37 zł
Breathalyzer Lion 700 with printer Breathalyzer Lion 700 with printer
Delivery in 8-14 days
Lion 700 is a high-class electrochemical breathalyzer from a renowned British manufacturer. It allows you to easily determine the alcohol content in the exhaled air, and then print the measurement result using the thermal printer provided.Breathalyzer is equipped with an electrochemical sensor from ..
5,589.00 zł
Ex Tax:4,543.90 zł
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