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Test gases

The test gases make it possible to check the operation of the sensors in environmental conditions identical to those in which the alarm should be activated. It is recommended to check the sensors with test gases at least once a year.
Gas test for CO detectors CODT400 Gas test for CO detectors CODT400
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Kit designed for testing carbon monoxide detectors and tobacco smoke detectors. It consists of a test gas can, capillary tube and a string bag.The kit enables a simple and quick check of the sensors' response to test gas. It does not cause corrosion of plastic elements, does not leave stains and doe..
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Test gas with a volume of 220 ml dedicated to checking optical and ionization smoke detectors.Testing is done using a unique aerosol composition designed to safely simulate smoke particles. It models a variety of real fire signs so you can be sure your smoke detectors will respond instantly to any t..
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Gas test PurCheck® 30S designed for checking optical and ionizing smoke detectors. It enables simple and quick checking of the detector operation in an environment identical to the particles present in smoke.Ensure full compliance of tests carried out for detectors manufactured in accordance with UL..
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