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Dräger Alcotest 6820 allows you to easily check the alcohol content of the exhaled air. It's perfect for both accurate measurement and screening tests. The 1/4 "measuring technology used in the device is identical to that in police testers used for precise measurements of alcohol in exhaled air.Test..
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Ex Tax:1,577.40 zł
Dräger Alcotest 7510 allows you to easily check the alcohol content of the exhaled air. It is ideal for both accurate measurements and screening tests. Tester has a wide measuring range of 0.00 ~ 3.00 mg/L (0.00 ~ 6.30‰) and is ready for use almost immediately after commissioning. The 1/4" me..
4,060.00 zł
Ex Tax:3,300.81 zł
Alcovisor® Mars BT is an innovative breathalyzer based on a precise and very stable, modular electrochemical sensor of a new generation. The set includes a WDMP-3 thermal printer.The tester has two operating modes: as a standalone unit or using an extensive application. In the case of..
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Alcovisor® Jupiter is one of the most technologically advanced exhaust analyzers with a large TFT touch screen and a built-in thermal printer. Thanks to the use of an electrochemical sensor that reacts only to alcohol molecules, it provides extremely precise and repeatable measurements.The results a..
3,389.00 zł
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Alcovisor® Mark V+ is a professional measuring device that provides precise and quick analysis of the alcohol content in the exhaled air. The set includes a WPT-2 thermal printer.The device uses an electrochemical sensor from a renowned British manufacturer (the same one used in police analyzer..
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Alcovisor® Mark X+ is the best cost-effective product in the series of electrochemical breathalyzers, which enables measurements to be carried out using both a funnel cap (without a mouthpiece) and a mouthpiece. The set includes a WPT-2 thermal printer.The analyzer is designed especially f..
1,847.00 zł
Ex Tax:1,501.63 zł
Alcovisor® Mercury is one of the most technologically advanced electrochemical exhaust analyzers with a TFT touch screen. Thanks to the use of a platinum, electrochemical sensor, it provides extremely precise measurement results. The set includes a WPT-2B thermal printer with a built-in Bluetoo..
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