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Accessories for meters

AZ 8916 RNL is a set of two air flow cones designed for AZ Instrument Corp devices.Product is compatible with the following meters: AZ8916, AZ8917, AZ8919, AZ89311, AZ89321, AZ89331.Cones are designed to carry out a precise measurements at ventilation grilles and anemostats. Cones are attached to th..
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AZ 8916 PNL is an extension telescopic arm designed for AZ Instrument Corp devices.Product is compatible with AZ8904, AZ8906, AZ8916, AZ8917, AZ8919, AZ89311, AZ89321, AZ89331 meters.After unfolding and mounting the handle, stick allows you to extend the set by 157 cm. It enables measurements to be ..
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AZ 86P9 is a replacement electrode for the pH and temperature meter AZ 8690...
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AZ 87P6 K-type external temperature probe used to measure the temperature of products and liquids. Designed for AZ8716 meter.Probe working part: 15 cmCable length: 120 cmConnection: 2.5 mm jack plug..
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External pump for portable multi-gas detectors Dräger X-am 2500, 5000 and 5600. It has been designed for measuring whether it is safe to enter a certain area, eg into a shaft or a tank.The pump is connected to the X-am 2500/5000/5600 and fixed with a clip. Pumping starts automatically when the pump ..
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Power pack and charging set dedicated to Dräger multi-gas meters. It is compatible with the X-am 2500, 5000 and 5600.The set includes: charging module, power supply and a high-capacity NiMh battery that provides up to 12 hours of continuous detector operation...
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Pump kit for X-am 2500, 5000 and 5600 multi-gas detectors. Consisting of pump, float probe, 5 m FKM hose and shoulder strap.The float probe: is ideal for measurements that determine whether it is safe to enter a given area, e.g. a shaft or a tank. FKM hose (3 mm diameter): is resistant to solvents, ..
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