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Breathalyzer Dräger Alcotest 6820

Breathalyzer Dräger Alcotest 6820
Breathalyzer Dräger Alcotest 6820
Breathalyzer Dräger Alcotest 6820
Breathalyzer Dräger Alcotest 6820
Breathalyzer Dräger Alcotest 6820
Breathalyzer Dräger Alcotest 6820
Breathalyzer Dräger Alcotest 6820
Breathalyzer Dräger Alcotest 6820
Breathalyzer Dräger Alcotest 6820
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  • Model: AL-DRA-6820
  • EAN: 4026056014125
  • Weight: 248g
  • Dimensions: 147mm x 65mm x 39mm

Dräger Alcotest 6820 allows you to easily check the alcohol content of the exhaled air. It's perfect for both accurate measurement and screening tests. The 1/4 "measuring technology used in the device is identical to that in police testers used for precise measurements of alcohol in exhaled air.

Tester has a wide measuring range of 0.00 ~ 2.50 mg/L (0.00 ~ 5.25‰)  and is ready for use almost immediately after commissioning. Messages on the large, backlit display guide the operator through measuring the alcohol content. LEDs and a sound signal inform about the end of the measurement. There are 2 menu buttons for navigation, allowing you to use e.g. the function of viewing the latest test results.

Measurements can be made in the temperature range -5 ~ 50°C. Built-in memory allows you to save the last 5000 measurement results with test numbers.

Shape of the "Slide-n-click" mouthpiece enables its intuitive installation, also in the dark. There is also an option to measure the alcohol content in the ambient air (so-called passive / manual test). In this case, no mouthpiece is required.

Dräger Alcotest 6820 is powered by 2 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries, which allow it to perform approx. 1500 tests. Breathalyzer also allows the use of NiMH rechargeable batteries charged via USB. Tester is equipped with low voltage indication. Thanks to the opening of the battery chamber, the user has the option of changing the battery himself.

Dräger Alcotest 6820
can be used in small, medium and large companies, e.g. for periodic or random checks of employees. It is also recommended for personal use, for people who value high precision of measurement and are looking for a durable device


  • Electrochemical Dräger sensor in 1/4 "technology
  • High measuring range up to 5.25 ‰
  • Large, readable and language-neutral LCD display with background illumination
  • 3-color LED to complement the display
  • Short time to prepare for work < 2 sec.
  • Display resolution to two decimal places
  • Simple operation with 3 buttons
  • Counter of performed measurements and memory of the last 5000 results
  • Built-in clock to check the time between calibrations
  • 12-month warranty
Product information
Sensor type Electrochemical DrägerSensor in 1/4" technology
Measurement range 0.00 ~ 2.50 mg/L (0.00 ~ 5.25 ‰)
Measurement units ‰ (permille), mg/L
* Possibility to change the measurement unit by user. Factory setting: mg/L
Display resolution 0.01 ‰
Accuracy of indications ±0.008 mg/L (fot range 0.00 ~ 0.50 mg/L)
±1.7% of the measurement value (for range > 0.50 mg/L)
* at temp. 25°C. For a correctly calibrated device.
Alarm threshold None
Time to prepare for work ~ 2 seconds * Time to prepare the device for the first measurement.
Sampling time ~ 3 seconds (at 0.00 mg/L)
~ 10 seconds (at 0.50 mg/L, at 25°C)
Measurement modes Automatic
Memory 5000 measurement records with test number, date and time
Cooperation with application No
Cooperation with printer Yes
Display Graphic LCD display, backlit; 41 mm x 24 mm (128 x 64 pixels)
Complementary indications 3-color LED diode supplementing the indications on the display
Signaling of incorrect operation Yes
Additional features MiniUSB for charging NiMH batteries or connecting to a PC
IRDA optical interface for printing via Dräger Mobile Printer
Housing ABS/PC material, impact resistant - color black
Protection class IP54
Usage For personal use
Small and medium companies
Big companies
Additionally included 2 alkaline batteries type AA
Mouthpieces - 3 pcs.
Hand strap
User manual
Warranty card
Power source 2 x 1.5V alkaline batteries, type AA
Optional 2 x NiMH rechargeable batteries (possibility of charging via miniUSB port)
Battery life ± 1500 tests
Energy saving Automatic power off in case of longer inactivity
Battery discharge indication Yes
Working and storage conditions
Working conditions Temperature: -5 ~ 50°C
Humidity: 10 ~ 100% RH
Ambient pressure: 600 ~ 1400 hPa
Storage conditions Temperature: -40 ~ 70°C
Humidity: 15 ~ 75% RH - without batteries
Quality and safety
Certificates and approvals DOT
CE mark
Recommended calibration Every 6 months
Free calibration None
Warranty 12 months
Alkaline battery 1.5V, type LR06 AA - 1 pc.The ordered batteries may differ from those shown in the picture...
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Individually packed, universal mouthpieces suitable for mobile breathalyzers from the Dräger Alcotest series.The packaging and the mouthpiece itself are made of a material approved for contact with food.APPLICATIONRecommended mainly for individual use or for companies as disposable mouthpieces. Comp..
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Dräger Mobile Printer is a portable wireless printer designed to print the results of measurements performed with Dräger devices, such as the Alcotest 6820, 7410 Plus, 7510 breathalysers or the DrugTest 5000 drug analyzer.Big advantage is the use of sublimation printing technology, i.e. activating d..
2,269.00 zł
Ex Tax:1,844.72 zł
Original non-contact funnel for Dräger breathalyzers model: Alcotest 5820; Alcotest 6000; Alcotest 6820.The funnel can be used many times, e.g. when checking a larger number of people, thanks to which you can reduce the costs associated with the need to use new mouthpieces for each test...
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Ex Tax:19.43 zł

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