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Individually packed original mouthpieces for DRIVESAFE™ exec breathalyzer.The design of the mouthpiece can affect the device's ability to accurately determine the alcohol concentration in the exhaled air.Use only original mouthpieces designed for your device. Others may damage the breathalyzer and v..
21.50 zł
Ex Tax:17.48 zł
ALCOSIM™ breath alcohol simulator is used to easily check, adjust and calibrate alcohol measuring devices with wet gas.The device simulates a breath alcohol sample with a fixed concentration (depending on the ethanol solution). The 500 ml filling line ensures that the correct amount of ethanol solut..
7,500.00 zł
Ex Tax:6,097.56 zł
DRIVESAFE ™ exec breathalyzer is a high-class breath alcohol analyzer. It has an electrochemical sensor that reacts only to ethyl alcohol, thanks to which it precisely determines the alcohol content in the sampled sample.Simple operation (using one button) ensures quick testing. The large, three-col..
1,189.00 zł
Ex Tax:966.67 zł
SAFIR™ Evolution is the industry’s first handheld infrared breath alcohol tester, perfect for police enforcement. Able to withstand harsh conditions, this rugged evidential analyzer is a reliable partner for any law enforcement official.It is a full-featured evidential breathalyzer optimized fo..
23,889.00 zł
Ex Tax:19,421.95 zł
ALCOSCAN™ is a screening breathalyzer, working in the so-called passive mode. It has an electrochemical sensor that reacts only to ethyl alcohol.Pneumatic system of sample feeding to the sensor means that the tested person does not have to blow air into the measuring chamber. It allows you to p..
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Ex Tax:1,218.70 zł
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