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Breathalyzer SAFIR™ Evolution

Breathalyzer SAFIR™ Evolution
Breathalyzer SAFIR™ Evolution
Breathalyzer SAFIR™ Evolution
Breathalyzer SAFIR™ Evolution
Breathalyzer SAFIR™ Evolution
23,889.00 zł
Ex Tax: 19,421.95 zł
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  • Model: AL-ACS-SAF
  • EAN: 5907222598481
  • Weight: 600g
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 46mm x 255mm

SAFIR™ Evolution is the industry’s first handheld infrared breath alcohol tester, perfect for police enforcement. Able to withstand harsh conditions, this rugged evidential analyzer is a reliable partner for any law enforcement official.

It is a full-featured evidential breathalyzer optimized for portable handheld use. Its ergonomic design, simple and intuitive user interface and rechargeable battery ensure fast and accurate sample collection in any environment.

Device features a start-up time of less than one minute, providing instant response times and immediate on-screen display of all test results. The innovative multi-use design allows for evidential, screening, and passive tests to be performed, all on one device.

SAF’IR Evolution uses our most advanced alcohol-specific infrared sensor to guarantee the best evidential results possible. Each sample is analyzed with evidential accuracy, helping officers complete their job safely and efficiently. Breathalyzer stores the result of each breath test it performs, which can be recalled at any time. Print evidential results in the field, complete with timestamps and GPS* coordinates, by pairing the SAF’IR Evolution with a portable Bluetooth® printer.

SAFIR™ Evolution is powered by a built-in NiMH battery, which is sufficient for approximately 300 tests.

Breathalyzer SAFIR™ Evolution is recommended for the police, uniformed services, courts, hospitals, schools, local government institutions and for sobriety testing of employees in workplaces.


  • Precise NDIR sensor
  • Ergonomic design, for handheld, portable use:
  • All the options of the evidence analyzer built into a standalone slim unit
  • Optimized commissioning time: your device is ready in less than a minute
  • Simple, intuitive user interface and navigation
  • Adequate battery life that can be easily recharged (using a cigarette lighter socket)
  • Bluetooth printing and GPS options
  • Accessories enclosed in a compact, shockproof case
Product information
Sensor type Infrared absorption
Measurement range 0 – 800 mg/dL
Measurement units mg/dL, g/dL, g/L, mg/L, μg/dL, μg/L
Accuracy of indications ±5% @ 100 mg/dL
Time to prepare for work < 30 seconds
* Time to prepare the device for the first measurement.
Sample analysis time < 10 seconds
Time between consecutive measurements < 20 sec, depending on alcohol concentration in previous measurement
Memory 3,200 time-stamped events
Cooperation with application No
Cooperation with printer Yes
Display Graphic LCD
Housing ABS, impact resistant
Usage Big companies, personal use, police
Sockets, connectors, ports Bluetooth for connection to a printer
USB for connection to a computer
Power source Built-in rechargeable NiMH battery
Battery discharge indication Yes
Working and storage conditions
Working conditions Temperature: -10 ~ 50°C
Humidity: up to 95% RH
Quality and safety
Certificates and approvals CE mark
OIML R 126 1998 – edition international recommendation
Free calibration No

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