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Control and notification GSM module

Control and notification GSM module
Control and notification GSM module
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  • Model: MO-GSM-200
  • Weight: 110g
  • Dimensions: 96mm x 63mm x 28mm

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GSM2000 is a universal module designed to control and notify about events that take place, for example, in alarm systems, access control, etc.

The device can notify up to 6 telephone numbers. The module has 4 inputs for triggering the transmission (i.e. the module can be connected to virtually any alarm control panel of any manufacturer), as well as 4 relay outputs that can be remotely controlled by SMS commands (e.g. on / off, alarm system standby, light on, gate opening, etc.).

The module has the ability to perform a periodic test in the form of SMS or CLIP to one or two telephone numbers, which is sent at a specific time of the day or at specified time intervals.

GSM2000 can also be controlled using a free application available for iOS and Android phones. Before the first use, the module requires configuration in the free "GSM 2 Configurator" program.


  • Universal use
  • Integrated GSM 900/1800 Mhz cell phone module
  • SMS and / or CLIP notification sent to up to 6 telephone numbers
  • 4 inputs with programmable control level: low (0-3V) or high (7-12V)
  • 4 relay outputs, galvanically separated, NO or NC type
  • Two modes of output activation: monostable or bistable
  • Periodic periodic test of the module in the form of SMS or CLIP to one or two telephone numbers
  • TAMPER switch indicating that the module housing is open
  • Limiting the number of SMS messages per day
  • Easy way to install
  • Small dimensions and weight
Product information
Notification numbers Max. 6
Control outputs Yes
Controlling the module outputs Via SMS, max. 2048 phones
Number of inputs 4 inputs with programmable switching thresholds in the range 0.2V ~ 14.5V and hysteresis in the range of 0.1V ~ 5V (for each input separately)
Number of outputs 4 relay outputs, galvanically separated, type NO (normally open) or NC (normally closed)
Configuration GSM2 Configurator program
Monitoring type SMS, CLIP
Operating Using a free application available for iOS and Android phones
Additionally included GSM 2000 module
User manual
2 mounting pins
Power source 10 ~ 20V DC with a current capacity of 1A (minimum), quiescent current 6mA
Working and storage conditions
Working conditions Temperature: -20 ~ 70°C
Quality and safety
Certificates and approvals CE mark
Power supply dedicated to the stationary breathalyzer BACscan F-3.It meets safety standards and guarantees full compatibility. Thanks to the constant voltage, it allows for uninterrupted operation of the device.Its unquestionable advantage is the high quality of workmanship, high durability and a 18..
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