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Fire blanket FB150012/17 Fire blanket FB150012/17
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FB150012/17 fire blanket: 1.2m x 1.2m. Made of non-flammable fabric - high-quality glass fiber. Allows to easily extinguish fires that are in the initial stage and are spreading. It can also be used to protect against direct exposure to flames during evacuation and to extinguish burning clothing on ..
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Detector is designed to monitor rooms for the presence of natural gas (LNG, methane).It is produced in accordance with the standard EN50194-1:2009. As one of the few it has a certificate of compliance issued by an independent research unit, confirming compliance with the requirements of the above-me..
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FW730111 allows you to monitor and report water leaks e.g. from a dishwasher, washing machine, bathtub etc.The sensor should be placed on the floor next to the appropriate device to trigger a warning signal as soon as a water leak is detected. In the event of a short circuit by water or excessive hu..
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