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D1300-TA is a tray dedicated to non-contact dispensers: D1300GEUK, D1300AUEK.It was made of high-quality materials that ensure a long product life.It plays a double role. If necessary, excess disinfectant may collect in a tray with a depth of 2 centimeters, but above all, it allows you to place the ..
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CSA-POD24 voice warning system is a version of the popular CSA-POD model designed for mains power. It can only be connected to an external power supply with a DC voltage in the range of 9-24V (9, 12, 18, 24V).SpeechPOD includes a PIR motion sensor and is fully programmable with the ability..
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D1300-SB(C) is a stand dedicated to non-contact dispensers: D1300GEUK, D1300AUEK.It consists of two parts that are attached to each other, which when folded give a total height of 120 cm. Made of reinforced metal and finished with a black or white powder coating (depending on the model), which ..
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High-quality first aid kit DIN-13164 (material) that meets the requirements of the European Union. It is an essential kit when there is a need for first aid.Velcro fasteners on the back of the first aid kit allow you to attach the first aid kit in virtually any place, e.g. in the trun..
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High-quality first aid kit DIN-13164 (plastic) that meets the requirements of the European Union. It is an essential kit when there is a need for first aid.The contents of the first aid kit are contained in a durable, plastic case with a handle with dimensions approx. 24 x 17.5 x 8 cm..
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Alcovisor V9 is a screening breathalyzer designed for the random sampling of sobriety. Device additionally enables the non-contact measurement of the body temperature of the tested person.Sobriety test can be conducted in an active or passive mode. Passive mode is used when the examined person ..
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UV + Ozone sterilizer case UV + Ozone sterilizer case
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Stelilize Cube BoX is a modern ozone disinfection and sterilization system using UV-C lamps. It provides effective disinfection and sterilization eliminating bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, removes mold, fungi, spores, mites from documents and everyday objects.It is an ideal solution for s..
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