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Power supply type B

Power supply type B
Power supply type B
Power supply type B
Power supply type B
Power supply type B
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  • Model: ZA-VZ-B
  • EAN: 5907222598993
  • Weight: 92g
  • Dimensions: 47mm x 74mm x 68mm

Type B model power supply. Dedicated to AZ Instrument Corp meters: AZ9861, AZ9871, AZ86505, AZ86555, AZ96792, AZ98792.

It was made of high-quality materials that ensure a long product life. Thanks to the constant voltage, it allows the device to work uninterrupted.

The undoubted advantage is a cable with a length of 150 cm, as well as a special insulation that prevents chafing and protects the wires inside. The power supply meets safety standards and guarantees full compatibility and freedom of use.

Input current: 100~240V, 0.50A, 50/60Hz. Output current: 9V, 1A, MAX 9W.


  • Enables uninterrupted operation of the device
  • Permanent power supply
  • High-quality workmanship and high durability
  • Insulation to prevent chafing and protect internal wiring
  • Guarantees the safety of use
  • Long 150 cm cable
Product information
Compatibility AZ Instrument Corp. meters, models: AZ9861, AZ9871, AZ86505, AZ86555, AZ96792, AZ98792
Input current 100~240V, 0.50A, 50/60Hz
Output current 9V, 1A, MAX 9W
Cable length 150 cm
Quality and safety
Certificates and approvals CE mark, TÜV, GS

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