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Auto reset controller CSA-S5BAR

Auto reset controller CSA-S5BAR
Auto reset controller CSA-S5BAR
Auto reset controller CSA-S5BAR
Auto reset controller CSA-S5BAR
Auto reset controller CSA-S5BAR
Auto reset controller CSA-S5BAR
Auto reset controller CSA-S5BAR
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  • Model: RAD-CSA-S5BAR
  • EAN: 5907437062715
  • Weight: 430g
  • Dimensions: 115mm x 70mm x 195mm

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CSA-S5BAR is an alarm control panel with automatic alarm reset. It enables control and steering of individual elements of the Cig-Arrête® system.

It is divided into five protection zones. Up to five CSA-SGA smoke or CSA-FUV fire slave detectors can be connected to each zone.

If the detector detects smoke (or flame), acoustic and optical signaling is activated on the control panel. The device emits short beeps, the red LED of the zone in which the sensor was triggered is blinking on the panel. The lack of signaling in the protected area enables discrete actions to be taken by relevant services. The signaling is automatically switched off after 30 seconds.

CSA-S5BAR has signaling: power supply, incorrect operation of the main module and individual sensors, low battery. The SILENCE and RESET buttons allow you to: disable the alarm and reset the system, respectively. When pressed simultaneously, they generate a system check.

Control panel is powered by 4 alkaline batteries, type D (LR20) or through the MZE-6 power supply module.

Designed to work with elements of the Cig-Arrête® SD Evolution system.


  • Discrete acoustic and optical signaling
  • It is divided into 5 protection zones, each of which allows the connection of 5 detectors
  • Automatic alarm reset function
  • Control and control of individual elements of the system
  • Simple assembly and operation
  • Battery operated or via mains adapter
  • Aesthetic housing
Product information
Signaling Optical and audible:
Power on
Malfunction of the main module
Damage of the detector
Discharged batteries
Connection type Wired
Sockets, connectors, ports Division into five protection zones
Up to five slave detectors connected to each zone: smoke detector CSA-SGA / fire detector CSA-FUV
Mounting Wall
Housing Plastic, white color
Additionally included Mounting bracket
User manual
Power source 4 x batteries, type D (LR20)
Via power supply module MZE-6
Working and storage conditions
Working conditions Temperature: 0 ~ 50°C
Humidity: up to 95% non-condensing
Quality and safety
Certificates and approvals CE mark
MZE-6 is a universal 110-240V AC / 6V DC power supply module designed for all Cig-Arrête and SpeechPOD products.It has four pairs of output terminals and an adjustable 6V DC voltage output with a maximum load of 3 Amp.MZE-6 enables the connection of up to 5 independent Cig-Arrête SD Evolution system..
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