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Flame detector CSA-FUV

Flame detector CSA-FUV
Flame detector CSA-FUV
Flame detector CSA-FUV
Flame detector CSA-FUV
Flame detector CSA-FUV
Flame detector CSA-FUV
Flame detector CSA-FUV
769.00 zł
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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: RAD-CSA-FUV
  • EAN: 5907222598238
  • Weight: 135g
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm x 52mm

CSA-FUV is a slave flame detector. It is designed to work with any SD Evolution product (eg CSA-FGV, CAS-GOV, CSA-FSU) or the CSA-S5BAR alarm control panel.

Construction of the detector is based on a patent-protected, unique technology that ensures quick and precise detection of fire, e.g. flames from a lighter or a match. The detector detects a 25 mm flame within 1 sec. at a distance of up to 6 m (field of view 120 °). It is usually installed in rooms where acoustic or voice signaling of alarm activation is not required.

CSA-FUV detectors can be combined with secondary CSA-SGA flame detectors thus providing comprehensive protection. The sensor housing is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP plastic)

When installing the sensor in places where it may be exposed to mechanical damage, destruction or theft, it is recommended to protect it with a metal protective basket CSA-MKM. There is a special screw in the sensor's housing, thanks to which it can be attached to the base. This provides additional protection against theft. Use the CSA-ATS model screwdriver to tighten the screw.

This detector cannot work as a standalone unit.

Offices, schools, hospitals, public buildings (courts, offices, banks, etc.), industrial, commercial and sports facilities, drug addiction centers, restaurants, rooms where meals are prepared, pubs, casinos, night clubs, airports and seaports , transportation terminals and all other non-smoking areas.


  • Unique technology for fast and precise fire / flame detection.
  • Detects 25mm flame in 1 sec. at a distance of up to 6 m (120° field of view)
  • Simple assembly method
  • Three-stage sensitivity adjustment
  • Ergonomic and aesthetic housing made of GRP material
Product information
Device type Slave
Sensor type Flames (fire)
Sensitivity Detects a 25 mm flame within 1 second at a distance of up to 6m (field of view 120°)
Alarm threshold Three sensitivity thresholds: high, medium or low
Connection type Wired
Sockets, connectors, ports Possibility of wired connection with any SD Evolution product
Mounting Ceiling, wall
Housing Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP plastic), color white
Additionally included Mounting bracket
User manual
Power source Supply voltage: 5 ~ 30V DC (max.)
Working and storage conditions
Working conditions Temperature: -10 ~ 50°C
Humidity: up to 95% non-condensing
Quality and safety
Certificates and approvals CE mark
MZE-6 is a universal 110-240V AC / 6V DC power supply module designed for all Cig-Arrête and SpeechPOD products.It has four pairs of output terminals and an adjustable 6V DC voltage output with a maximum load of 3 Amp.MZE-6 enables the connection of up to 5 independent Cig-Arrête SD Evolution system..
353.00 zł
Ex Tax:286.99 zł
CSA-MKM is a small metal protection basket designed to protect Cig-Arrête or SpeechPOD SD Evolution products against mechanical damage, destruction or theft.Fits models: CSA-SGA, CSA-FUV.Manufactured from high quality steel with solidly welded joints. The base of the cage is made of mild steel...
58.00 zł
Ex Tax:47.15 zł
CSA-DCB is an installation box that allows simple and convenient installation of secondary smoke and fire detectors CSA-SGA and CSA-FUV in the case of surface installation.It has entries for installation strips. It can also be used as a mounting element when mounting detectors on a suspended ceiling..
56.00 zł
Ex Tax:45.53 zł

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