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Screening breathalyzer AlcoQuant 6020 Plus

Screening breathalyzer AlcoQuant 6020 Plus
Screening breathalyzer AlcoQuant 6020 Plus
Screening breathalyzer AlcoQuant 6020 Plus
Screening breathalyzer AlcoQuant 6020 Plus
Screening breathalyzer AlcoQuant 6020 Plus
Screening breathalyzer AlcoQuant 6020 Plus
Screening breathalyzer AlcoQuant 6020 Plus
Screening breathalyzer AlcoQuant 6020 Plus
Screening breathalyzer AlcoQuant 6020 Plus
Screening breathalyzer AlcoQuant 6020 Plus
Screening breathalyzer AlcoQuant 6020 Plus
Screening breathalyzer AlcoQuant 6020 Plus
Screening breathalyzer AlcoQuant 6020 Plus
2,095.00 zł
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  • Model: AL-AQ-6020-PLUS
  • EAN: 4260042952040
  • Weight: 275g
  • Dimensions: 60mm x 42mm x 195mm

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AlcoQuant 6020 Plus is a high-class screening breathalyzer from a reputable manufacturer - Envitec by Honeywell. It allows you to easily determine the alcohol content in the exhaled air.

It has a wide measuring range 0.00 ~ 2.61 mg/L (0.00 ~ 5.50‰) and is ready for use almost immediately after commissioning. It is equipped with an electrochemical sensor that reacts only to ethyl alcohol, thanks to which there is no possibility of falsifying the measurement result by other factors or substances. It has a graphic display with the option of backlighting indications, which allows you to clearly determine the condition of the examined person.

Breathalyzer allows you to perform test in the normal or fast mode. In the normal (mouthpiece) mode, the examined person actively blows air into the mouthpiece, which allows the exact determination of the alcohol content in the exhaled air. In the case of fast (non-mouthpiece) measurement, the test is performed from a distance and the result is "alcohol detected / alcohol not detected".

Fast mode can also be useful when the test person makes it impossible to carry out the test, is unable to blow the required amount of air or is unconscious. This function can also be used to test the contents of containers, e.g. bottles - if there is a suspicion that there is alcohol in them.

Main advantage of the device is its very simple operation with 3 buttons and quick preparation for measurement. A short interval between consecutive tests allows a large number of people to be tested in a short period of time. The breathalyzer is light, handy and convenient to use. Sold in a set with a case that allows you to easily carry the device.

AlcoQuant 6020 Plus is powered by 4 x 1.5V alkaline batteries AA type which allow it to perform approx. 2000 tests. The breathalyzer can be powered via NiMH rechargeable batteries. The tester has a low voltage indication and an automatic shutdown in the event of inactivity. Thanks to the use of an opening chamber, the user has the option of replacing the battery himself.

Breathalyzer AlcoQuant 6020 Plus will work wherever a large number of measurements should be carried out in a short period of time, e.g. during "mass" control of employees, participants of sports events, at discos, in schools, prisons, military units, etc.


  • Advanced electrochemical sensor by Honeywell
  • No reaction to substances other than alcohol
  • Short time to prepare for work < 6 sec.
  • Multiple measurements can be made in quick succession
  • Two measuring modes: fast and normal
  • Two sampling modes: automatic and manual
  • Extremely efficient power supply
  • Can be connected to the E202WL printer
  • Compact structure and high durability
  • Light, handy and convenient to use
  • 2-year warranty
Product information
Sensor type Fuel Cell E100
Measurement range 0.00 ~ 2.61 mg/L (0.00 ~ 5.50‰)
Measurement units mg/L, ‰ (permille)
* Possibility to change the measurement unit by user.
Accuracy of indications ± 0.05‰ (at range 0.00 ~ 1.00‰)
5% measured value (at range 1.00 ~ 2.00‰)
10% measured value (at range > 2.00‰)
Time to prepare for work ± 6 seconds
* Time to prepare the device for the first measurement.
Sampling time ± 5 seconds
Time between consecutive measurements 2 ~ 5 sec, depending on alcohol concentration in previous measurement
Measurement modes Fast - distance measurement, without the use of a mouthpiece
Normal - with a mouthpiece
Sampling mode Automatic
Memory 9900 measurement records with test number, date and time
Cooperation with application No
Cooperation with printer Yes
Display Graphic LCD, backlit
Display indications Fast mode - alcohol detected / no alcohol detected
Normal mode - accurate indication
Housing Color dark gray
Impact strength IK03
Protection class IP54
Usage For personal use
Small and medium companies
Big companies
Sockets, connectors, ports USB / RS232
  • for data transfer to a PC
  • for connection with E202WL printer
Additionally included 4 alkaline batteries type AA
Mouthpieces - 25 pcs
User manual
Warranty card
Power source 4 x 1.5V DC alkaline batteries, type AAOptional 4 x NiMH rechargeable batteries
Battery life ± 2000 tests
Energy saving Automatic power off in case of longer inactivity
Working and storage conditions
Working conditions Temperature: -10 ~ 50°C
Humidity: 20 ~ 98% RH
Ambient pressure: 600 ~ 1400 hPa
Storage conditions Temperature: -25 ~ 70°C
Humidity: 20 ~ 98% RH – without batteries
Quality and safety
Certificates and approvals CE mark
DIN EN 15964
Recommended calibration Every 6 months
Free calibration No
Warranty 2 years
Alkaline battery 1.5V, type LR06 AA - 1 pc.The ordered batteries may differ from those shown in the picture...
3.00 zł
Ex Tax:2.44 zł
E202WL is a portable printer designed to print the results of measurements made with the breathalyzers AlcoQuant 6020, AlcoQuant 6020 Plus, AlcoMed 6040.Communication between the analyzer and the printer is via the RS-232/USB cable. It has two LEDs - red and blue - informing about the status of..
1,485.00 zł
Ex Tax:1,207.32 zł
Set consisting of a PC cable for AlcoQuant 6020, AlcoQuant 6020 Plus and AlcoMed 6040 and DataManager Alco 60XX / 6020 Plus software.It allows you to connect breathalyzers (Envitec by Honeywell) with a computer in order to read and analyze measurements from the memory...
580.00 zł
Ex Tax:471.54 zł

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