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Thermal printer E202WL

Thermal printer E202WL
Thermal printer E202WL
Thermal printer E202WL
Thermal printer E202WL
Thermal printer E202WL
Thermal printer E202WL
Thermal printer E202WL
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  • Model: DRU-E202WL
  • EAN: 4260042986977
  • Weight: 257g
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 37mm x 96mm

E202WL is a portable printer designed to print the results of measurements made with the breathalyzers AlcoQuant 6020, AlcoQuant 6020 Plus, AlcoMed 6040.

Communication between the analyzer and the printer is via the RS-232/USB cable. It has two LEDs - red and blue - informing about the status of the device. It is characterized by small dimensions, durable construction and simplicity of use - the operation is carried out by means of two buttons.

E202WL printer is powered by a 700mAh rechargable battery. The set includes: a connecting cable with AlcoQuant 6020/6020 Plus, roll of thermal paper, wall charger & car charger.

For use with Envitec by Honeywell measuring devices, i.e. breathalyzers AlcoQuant 6020, AlcoQuant 6020 Plus and  AlcoMed 6040.


  • Thermal printing technology
  • Stable communication via RS-232 cable
  • Simple, intuitive operation with 2 buttons
  • Small dimensions, low weight and durable construction
  • Low noise level when printing
Printer information
Printed data Measurement result, other data, e.g. test number, device number, measurement time, date, time
Printing method Thermal
Connection type Wired, RS-232 / USB connector - for connection to compatible devices for printing
Thermal paper Roll width 57 mm, max. diameter 30 mm
Printing speed 5 ~ 10 cm / sec
Housing Plastic, color black
Compatibility AlcoQuant 6020
AlcoQuant 6020 Plus
AlcoMed 6040
Additionally included Connecting cable with AlcoQuant 6020 / 6020 Plus
Roll of thermal paper
Wall charger
Car charger
Power source Built-in lithium-ion battery 7.4V (700mAh)
Working and storage conditions
Working conditions Temperature: -15 ~ 35°C
Storage conditions Temperature: -20 ~ 70°C
Quality and safety
Certificates and approvals CE mark
Thermal paper for the WPT-2 thermal printer, which is dedicated to Alcovisor® Mark V+ & Alcovisor® Mark X+ breathalyzers.It is also suitable for AlcoDigital P•300 & thermal printer E202WL.Product sold individually...
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