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Powder fire extinguisher 12 kg with CO2 cylinder (P12E)

Powder fire extinguisher 12 kg with CO2 cylinder (P12E)
Powder fire extinguisher 12 kg with CO2 cylinder (P12E)
366.00 zł
Ex Tax: 297.56 zł
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  • Model: GLO-P12E
  • EAN: 4006325228552
  • Weight: 19.00kg
  • Dimensions: 31.00cm x 21.00cm x 64.00cm

P 12 E is a constant pressure powder fire extinguisher by Gloria. Designed to extinguish type A, B, C fires and electrical devices up to 400'000V.

GLORIA ABC extinguishing powder with a total weight of 12 kg used in it does not require replacement for the entire period of use and guarantees a long operation time: ±23 sec. It is characterized by 55A 233B extinguishing efficiency and a large powder throw range >7 m.

Tank is made of high quality steel, while the valve body is made of brass. External paint coating is weather-resistant thanks to the use of a cadmium-free polyester resin that does not harm the environment.

An additional advantage is the integrated pressure gauge, possibility of refilling the tank and a wide range of operating temperatures (-30 ~ 60°C).

P 12 E fire extinguisher has all the necessary approvals and certificates. It is produced in accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN 3.

Designed to extinguish fires class: A, B, C and electrical devices under voltage up to 400'000V. It is an ideal solution for securing e.g. trucks, buses, as well as industrial and warehouse halls, offices, public buildings such as hospitals, theaters, airports and other rooms where people gather.


  • Universal use (fires type A, B, C)
  • Enables extinguishing electrical devices under voltage up to 400'000V
  • High efficiency and long duration of action
  • Large powder throw range >7 m
  • Wide range of operating temperatures (-30 ~ 60°C)
  • Compact build & refillable tank
  • Varnish resistant to weather conditions and UV rays thanks to the use of polyester resin
  • Ready for use after opening the valve of the CO2 cartridge
  • Steel tank and valve body made of brass
  • Hanger as standard equipment
Product information
Usage Fires of type A, B, C, electrical equipment under voltage up to 400'000V
Type of extinguishing agent GLORIA ABC powder
Extinguishing efficiency 55A 233B
Working medium Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Action time ±23 sec.
Range > 7 m
The amount of extinguishing agent 12 kg
Tank High-quality steel
Valve Brass body
Refillable Yes
Additionally included Metal hanger, CO2 cylinder
Working and storage conditions
Working conditions Temperature: -30 ~ 60°C
Quality and safety
Certificates and approvals CE mark
Produced in accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN 3
Warranty 3 years

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