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    Multi-gas detector Multi Gas Clip
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Multi-gas detector Multi Gas Clip Simple

Multi-gas detector Multi Gas Clip Simple
Multi-gas detector Multi Gas Clip Simple
Multi-gas detector Multi Gas Clip Simple
Multi-gas detector Multi Gas Clip Simple
Multi-gas detector Multi Gas Clip Simple
Multi-gas detector Multi Gas Clip Simple
Multi-gas detector Multi Gas Clip Simple
Multi-gas detector Multi Gas Clip Simple
Multi-gas detector Multi Gas Clip Simple
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  • Weight: 220.20g
  • Dimensions: 120.65mm x 69.85mm x 31.75mm

Multi Gas Clip Simple is a portable gas detector designed for the simultaneous measurement up to 4 gases: oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and explosive gas (CH4, methane).

Detector is equipped with an accurate electrochemical & infrared sensor that doesn't require periodic calibration or charging for the entire service life (2 years from the first activation). Large, illuminated, language-neutral display constantly shows the concentrations together with the appropriate measuring unit. The backlight of the screen changes to yellow or red depending on the type of alarm.

Device is equipped with a 3-stage warning: optical alarm (3 LED alarm strips), vibration alarm, audible alarm. It has an event recorder that allows storing: 25 tests, 25 calibrations, 25 events. Thanks to its small dimensions and weight, it is extremely comfortable to use. Stable crocodile clip allows you to securely and safely attach the detector to your clothes or belt.

Multi Gas Clip Simple is powered by a built-in battery that is not replaceable for the lifetime of the device. It has been equipped with an extremely resistant housing (protection class IP68) and it works perfectly even in extremely harsh environmental conditions (temperatures: -40 ~ 50°C).

Product avaliable in an external warehouse. Delivery time approx. 5 days.

Recommended as a detector for ambulances, emergency services and police, fire brigades, municipal services, water and sewage companies, sewage treatment plants, maintenance technicians, telecommunications wiring installers, industry workers, inspectors, ventilation and heating services (HVAC), pilots small planes, ships, oil rigs and offshore infrastructure.


  • Highly accurate electrochemical and infrared sensor
  • Detection of 4 gases in one device
  • Large, illuminated, language-neutral display
  • 3-stage warning: LED optical alarm, vibrating, loud audible
  • Yellow / red backlight depending on alarm type
  • Data logger: 25 tests, 25 calibrations, 25 events
  • Intuitive one-button operation
  • Small dimensions and weight enable trouble-free measurements
  • Stable crocodile clip for a secure fit
  • Robust housing (protection class IP68)
Product information
Sensor type Electrochemical - oxygen (O2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO)
Infrared - LEL explosive gases
Device service life ± 2 years from first activation
Detected gases Oxygen (O2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), explosive gas (CH4, methane)
Alarm types STEL, TWA, Low, High, OL (out of range)
Alarm signaling Optical: 3 level LED alarm
Acoustic: 95dB
Vibrating alert
Alarm of exceeding the concentration threshold - red screen backlight
Information alarm - yellow screen backlight
Changing the backlight color to red at the alarm of exceeding the concentration threshold
Display Liquid crystal, alphanumeric
Memory 25 tests, 25 calibrations, 25 events
Measurement memory every 1 sec. (approx. 2 months)
Housing ATEX - orange color
Protection class IP68
Additional features Information of sensor damage
End of Life Indication (EOL)
Sockets, connectors, ports IrDA communication port
Additionally included User manual
Carbon monoxide (CO)
Measurement range 0 ~ 500 ppm
Alarm threshold A1/A2 (standard) A1 (low): 35 ppm
A2 (high): 200 ppm
TWA: 35 ppm
STEL: 50 ppm
Explosive gases (CH4, methane)
Measurement range 0 ~ 100% LEL
Alarm threshold A1/A2 (standard) A1 (low): 20% LEL
A2 (high): 40% LEL
Oxygen (O2)
Measurement range 0 – 30 Vol.-%
Alarm threshold A1/A2 (standard) A1 (low): 19.5 Vol.-%
A2 (high): 23.5 Vol.-%
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
Measurement range 0 ~ 100 ppm
Alarm threshold A1/A2 (standard) A1 (low): 10 ppm
A2 (high): 15 ppm
TWA: 10 ppm
STEL: 15 ppm
Power source Built-in battery, not replaceable during the lifetime
Battery life 2 years from the first activation
* Operating time depends on the operating conditions and the duration of the alarms. Battery life may be reduced with prolonged exposures.
Battery discharge indication Low battery indication (LOW BATT)
Working and storage conditions
Working conditions Temperature: -40 ~ 50°C
Humidity: 5 ~ 95% RH
Quality and safety
Certificates and approvals ATEX CE Sira ATEX2288X (-40°C≤Ta≤50°C)
II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (-40°C≤Ta≤50°C)
IECEx Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (-40°C≤Ta≤50°C)
CE EN60079-0:2012/A11:2013; 60079-11:2012; 60079-26:2006
Warranty 2 years
Handheld pump for remote sampling for use with Multi Gas Clip, Multi Gas Clip Simple & Single Gas Clip meters.Using the pump in conjunction with Gas Clip Technologies devices ensures consistent and accurate measurement results even under the most demanding conditions. The kit includes: prob..
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Ex Tax:657.72 zł

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